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POS 7" Graphic Display
We are excited to offer the POS 7" Graphic Display. Think of the POS 7" GD as a combination
digital picture frame and a mini order confirmation board. For about the same cost as a pole
display, you can deliver much more. These displays really do turn heads.
Digital Frame
Run a series of jpg images from an SD
card. Promote specials, suggest
Like popular drive-thru OCBs, display
the entire order for confirmation.
Promotes accuracy; reduces fraud.
The POS7"GD is compatible with all SAM4s Cash Registers that support a remote
customer display.

  • ER-285M
  • ER-380M
  • ER-390M
  • ER-5115II
  • ER-650 Series
  • ER-5200M Series
  • SER-7000 Series
  • SPS-2000
  • SPS-500 Series Hybrid ECRs
  • Supports JPEG Image Format
  • Bulit-In 7 Inch TFT Panel
  • Able to Accept ESC/POS Commands for Text Display
  • Supports Different Language Character Sets
  • Built-in Real Time Clock
  • Supports SD Card
  • Supports on the Field Firmware Upgrade
  • Supports VESA Mounting (75mm x 75mm)