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The SPS-530FT has several options for bar code scanning. Scanning allows you much greater control
over pricing of items being sold in your store.

The SPS-500 series Cash Register interfaces with most of the Honeywell Bar Code Scanners which
are still often referred to as Metrologic Bar Code Scanners until Honeywell bought Metrologic out.

Using barcode scanner on your register speeds up you customer throughput and increases the
accuracy of pricing. When not using scanning your cashiers either have to remember the price of
every item, or that you have to put a price tag on every item. When you use bar code scanning
cashiers quickly move from item to item without the costly mistakes made when ten keying prices into
the register.

Most often when you are using bar code scanning as part of a SPS-530 cash register system it is a
good idea to also use reporting and programming software that makes adding UPC numbers to the
register easier in most cases.

If you operate a store that sells produce and bar coded items there are scanner scales available for
use with the SAM4s SPS-500 series cash register.

If you opt for a hand held or scanner for your cash register system there are single line and omni
directional bar code scanners available.
SAM4s SPS-530F Bar Code Scanning