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Cash Register Paper
Cash Register Ink Ribbons
and Rollers
44mm Bond Paper
44mm Bond Receipt Paper for many makes and
models of cash registers. This is a 50 roll case of
full size roll. Any machine that takes this paper
also uses an ink roller or ribbon. If you machine
does not use ink you need thermal paper.
44mm Bond Paper for Cash Registers
44mm Thermal Receipt Paper for Cash Registers
44mm Thermal Paper $61.00
A 50 Roll case of 44mm Thermal Receipt Paper.
These are full size rolls at 220 feet per roll. If
your cash register does not use any type of
inking device you probably need thermal paper.
2 1/4" Thermal Paper Rolls 200' per roll 50 rolls per case
The 2 1/4" or 2.25" Thermal Paper Receipt Roll
is one of the most popular sizes in use by cash
registers today. Keep in mind if you cash register
also uses an ink ribbon or roller you do not need
thermal paper you need bond paper instead.
3 1/8" Thermal Paper Rolls
This a 220 foot 50 roll case of 3 1/8th" thermal
paper. A full size roll of the most common thermal
paper for POS printers and some cash registers.
3 1/8th
Half Dozen IR-90/91 Ink Rollers
A half dozen of the popular IR-90/91 Ink
Roller that works in so many models of
Sharp, SAM4s, and  Samsung Cash
IR-90 Ink Roller for Cash Registers
1 dozen IR-71 Ink Ribbons
A full dozen of the very popular ERC-805
ribbon also known as the IR-71. Common
ribbon for Sharp Cash Registers and others
IR-71 Ink Ribbon for Cash Registers
Epson ERC 30/34/38 Ink Ribbon BR
A full dozen of the very popular ERC-30 Ink
Ribbon. This ribbon works in many of the
world's most popular POS printers. This
Ribbon prints black and red.
ERC 30/34/38 cash register ribbon
1 Dozen ERC-18 Ribbons
The ERC-18 Ribbon works is many older
Sharp, Samsung, and Casio Cash
Registers. This is a full dozen ribbons.
ERC-18 Ink Ribbons for Cash Registers
IR-40 Ink Roller 6 Pack
IR-40 Ink Rollers for cash registers