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Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register
Options, Supplies, and Accessories for the SAM4s SPS-520F
Options, Supplies, and Accessories for the Sharp ER-A320
Click here for the brochure on the Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register
Commercial Sharp Cash Registers
Commercial Sharp Cash Registers
Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register
Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register
Designed for demanding retail and hospitality environments, the compact ER-A320 electronic cash
register is the easy-to-use, powerful workhorse your small business needs. Rich in features,
functionality and value, yet small in size, the ER-A320 gives your business an added advantage.

  • Compact Cabinet Design - Make efficient use of valuable counter space while enhancing
  • 10 Standard Departments, Expandable to 40 - Efficiently categorize products by department,
    allowing you to track sales by product type, size, shelf location, etc.
  • Up to 600 PLUs - Price Look-ups ensure price accuracy, ease of operation and increased
    customer throughput.
  • Built-in Calculator - It's easy for an operator to do individual calculations without affecting sales
  • Large LED Display - With its high visibility LED pop-up display, you're assured of increased
    customer service.
  • Single Line Validation - Operators can mark documents such as checks, gift certificates with
    critical date and time information.
  • Heavy Duty Printer - Get high quality printing of receipts and reports at an amazingly fast 2.5
    lines per second.
cash register keyboard cover
Protect your keyboard with a cash register keyboard cover or
replace your existing worn out Keyboard Cover with a new
one. Click here for The
Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register
Keyboard Cover
Sharp Cash Register cash drawer till
Click the following link to order an additional or replacement
cash drawer insert for this Cash Register or most other Sharp
Cash Register
Sharp Cash Drawer Insert for the Sharp
ER-A320 Cash Register
Half Dozen IR-90/91 Ink Rollers
The Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register uses an IR-90/91 Ink Roller
that we sell in a box of 6. Each roller individually  wrapped for a
good shelf life.
sharp er-a320 ink roller
44mm Bond Paper
44mm Bond Cash Register Paper
A 100 roll case of 44mm Bond Paper for the Sharp ER-A320
cash register. This is a full size 150' roll.
Includes a one year warranty!