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The SAM4s SPS-530FT with an integrated magnetic reader can insure Speed, Security and Efficiency
with Integrated Credit, Debit and Gift Card Payments.  Electronic payment sales can be processed in a
single step at the SAM4s SPS-500 with an optional DataTran™ integrated payment appliance.  The SPS-
530F is electronic payment and gift card processing ready no additional software modules are required.
Free gift card processing is available through selected processing partners. Transactions can be
processed in two seconds or less using the latest IPTranTM or TwinTranTM technology and a persistent
internet connection. One Tran appliance can be used to process payments for a network of SPS-500
series ECRs.

The Magnetic Card Reader Use to swipe payment cards when integrated payment options can also be
used to log or clock in employees.
SAM4s SPS-530F Credit Card Reader Information
SAM4s SPS-520 Magnetic Card Reader
integrated card card payments for the SPS-520 Register