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The SAM4s SPS-530F can display Up to 200 Operator Screens with 24-Items per Screen The color touch
screen can be configured to guide the operator through choices of flavors, toppings, condiments, and
instructions. If you sell a combo meal, a screen or series of screens can display to reflect the combo choices.
If the item requires condiments or instructions, the screen can lead your operator through options
and additional choices.

Color Touch Screen The adjustable 7" color touch screen features up to 24 key positions per screen.

The SPS-530F boast a 7" Color Touch Screen which Improves Order Entry Accuracy Unlike a Cash Register
that may display only the last item entered, the SPS-530F displays the entire order, allowing your operator to
confirm the order and then refer to the display as they fill it.
SAM4s SPS-530F Color Touch Screen Information
SAM4s SPS-500 Series Color Touch Screen Display
SAM4s SPS-500 Series Adjustable Color Screen