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The SPS-530F features a secure SD Port. SD Card Utilities include program Save/Load, report or
screen capture, firmware updates & graphics uploading.

This is a wonderful time and money saving feature. The end-user can back up their program directly
onto an SD card for back up. This feature can save you thousands of dollars and days worth of work in
an emergency, or in case you want to add another SAM4s SPS-530F you can back up the program
and download into the new register with out the expense of an on-site technician.

Not only is the SD port on the SPS-530F a great way of making back ups but also a wonderful tool to
allow you to download reports including the electronic journal right to an SD Card for transport to a PC.

The end-user also has the option to upload graphics to the SPS-530F from the SD card to the register
when using the graphic logo feature of the SPS-530F Cash Register. This feature allows you to
customise your receipt with a graphic logo!
SAM4s SPS-530F Memory Expansion Slot