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Keeping up with the theme of keeping it easy and cost effective SAM4s built the SPS-530F Register
with a USB port on the front of it. This port expands the already flexibilty of the SPS-530 for the

Lets say you want to program the SPS-530F and want a faster way of entering the alpha-numeric text
of the items description. You can connect a standard USB computer keyboard to the SPS-530F's USB
port and begin typing product descriptions with a keyboard. Not many cash register can do that! There
are many things the SPS-500 series cash registers can do that others can't.

You can also connect a USB drive to this port if you wish. Why would you do that you may ask? Well
for back purposes and/or data transfer. This is just another reason in the long list of why this is
machine is best in class!
SAM4s SPS-530F USB Port