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The SPS-530F has several options for polling and programming software. However please keep in
mind that you do not require polling and programming software when using the SAM4s SPS-530F

Because the SPS-500F series cash register system is so easy to use many end-users don't feel the
need to incorporate the polling and programming software into their system. However some end-users
love the fact that they can add items and take cash register reports from their back office software.
Where it makes a great amount of sense is if you are using bar code scanning. The software in this
case give you numerous advantages. PC Poll software would give you the ability to import your UPC
items into the software and register which of course can save you dozens of hours of your time. The
software also allows you to record and save your X and Z reports in your computer and in some cases
export you sales reports to external software packages like Quick Books as an example. However
before you take on the task of exporting your sales information to other software packages make sure
you are really saving time and money. In many cases it is just not worth the time and effort you will
spend doing it and sometimes it does make sense.

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